Salient Features

The strength of our Hydraulic Presses lies in our state of art hydraulic power packs which uses high pressure renowned Hydraulic valves of Rexroth/Parker and highly efficient high pressure multi flow piston pumps of L&T which gives unparalleled rate of flow up to 400 L.P.M at 450 bar pressure. Our presses are equipped with High Pressure accumulators for fast pressing speeds required for cold forging.

The main Hydraulic cylinders of our presses are made from steel round bars machined in single stock and are fitted with one of the world best Hydraulic seals (Parker/Bushak/Hallide) imported from Europe which are capable of withstanding pressure up to 450 Bars.

The automatic centralized lubrication system fitted with our presses reduces wear and tear of the moving slides.

We also provide our presses with hand safety light curtains to prevent operator injury during operation of the machine. The automatic front and back safety doors fitted in our cold forging presses prevent operator injury during Tool/Dies breakage.

Our Machines can be operated fully automatic by “PLC” , Semi-automatic and Inching operations are also provided in our machines through various manual controls, Sensors and push buttons.

Main Features :

Computer Aided Optimized Structure Design With High Rigidity.

Long lasting multi-flow radial piston pumps for automatic High /Low pressure circuits.

Reliable Light curtain safety devices to prevent operator hand injuries.

LCD MMI controls with colorful touch screen.

Other Salient Features

  • Adjustable stroke and pressure in the specified Range with Pressure and linear transducers.
  • Pressure pre-release unit equipped in hydraulic system for decompression minimises hydraulic shock During return stroke of the presses.
  • High Pressure Hydraulic components/Valves from world best : Rexroth/Parker
  • PLC controls with pressure and Linear transducers ,LVDT,s for greater accuracies