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Tube Mill

Tube mills and pipe mills produce tubes and pipes of various configurations. They serve to deliver a material uncompromised between endpoints. Their shape and materials provides inherent resistance to compressive force, meaning they are optimal for delivering flowable media (e.g. water, gas) through hostile environments without risking contamination. Pipes and tubes are also effective for routing conduits such as wires or rope.

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Tube Straightening machines

A machine used in rolling mills to level the surface of sheet steel. Straightening machines are divided into roll-type machines, which are the most common type, and stretching machines. Roll-type straightening machines are designed for straightening thin and thick sheets in either the cold or hot states; stretching machines are designed mainly for cold straightening of thin sheets (steel and nonferrous metals) of which stringent quality requirements are made.

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Circular Sawing Machine

Circular sawing machine is a metal cutting machine. It cuts the material extremely fast compared to reciprocating type Hacksaw. It is designed to cut ferrous and non ferrous metals, like Mild Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel, Bronze (except Aluminum and Brass) It is a production machine used for cutting channels, solid bars, hollows, various flats, squares, angles and other sections of ferrous materials. It is a high performance, compact and sturdy machine and has a high rate of production at low investments and a low tooling cost per cut.

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